IoT — Paradigm Shift in Traffic Monitoring


Removing essential components from a product, process, or business model (examples: iPod Shuffle (removed the screen), Dyson hand carried Vacuum Cleaner).


Adding existing components to a system and giving them a twist (examples: Gillette razors back-side razor, double-glass window)

Task Unification

Assigning new tasks to existing resources (examples: mobile phone camera, pedometer watch)

Attribute Dependency

Changing variables in a running system (examples: airline booking classes, happy hour)


Dividing in space and time (examples: deferred payment credit, remote control)

This is all very nice but how does it relate to traffic monitoring?

To answer this question we should ask ourselves what is the problem we are trying to solve and refer to the current solutions. Then I would show how the above method is practically applied today by Valerann to propose a paradigm shift in traffic monitoring technology.



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